Coursedesign Bamberger | Education course design
Parcoursbau ist keine Dienstleistung, es ist eine Leidenschaft. Egal ob national oder international, es zählt überall der gleiche Gedanke. “Für” die Veranstaltung und “pro” Sport.
Parcoursbau national, Parcoursbau international, Ringmaster, Ringcrew, Ausbildung Parcoursbau
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Education course design

A short view in my work…..

As course designer we are asking for questions and we would like to see thr right answer from the horses and rides. But before we can ask for questions, we have to know, which answers we can aspect. This is the reason why we should make a show concept and collect as much informations as we can. From the possibilites of the horses and the level from the riders.

how to make a show concept and how it looks like, look at the pdf file….

In the next Video you will see all steps from planning to reality. How we create a courseplan and what is the fasters way to build and create a competition

If you are intrested to test your knowledge in course design, you can make the exercises below. PA – simple , P3 – hard.  You can send it back to me and i will correct it. Send it to my E-Mail adress:

Follow you will see, an example how it works from my friend Mujeeb from Palästina:

Work AA1 Mujeeb